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There are so many things you can do with a Pom Pom!  Here are a few ideas.

Hanging Ornament – Punch out three hearts in two different sizes from decorative paper. Attach the small hearts to the middle of the larger hearts and add a small embellishment. score and slightly bend the hearts down the […]


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Using simple sewing techniques create this beautiful, handy organiser.

Cut out three circles of different fabrics which are the size of your hoop plus 3 cm all around. (Picture 1)

Fold the fabric for your front pockets in half and if required, attach to one side a small piece of fabric over a small amount of toy […]

MAY MONTHLY PROJECT- Punched Silhouette Butterfly Cards


Here are the instructions to make three out of our 14 different cards using a Butterfly Silhouette Punch.
All that you need to make these cards is available from Arty Crafty.

Red & Blue card

12.5×12.5 cm white blank card
12.5×12.5 cm Maraschino red bazzill paper
10.5×10.5 cm Admiral blue bazill paper
10×10 cm Craft brown paper
Rejoice paper fre106
Random collection denim […]

APRIL MONTHLY PROJECT – Spring Coloured Bracelets


Coming out of the grey and dull winter months our vibrant DMC-thread stand is a feast for sore eyes. You just can’t help yourself wanting to make something with them. Wouldn’t they be ideal for adding some colour to your wardrobe? Over on our Pinterest  Jewellery Board we have two easy tutorials for you to help […]

OCTOBER MONTHLY PROJECT – Knitted Remembrance Poppy

 Knitted Remembrance Poppy
In the past, each year I purchased a remembrance poppy only to lose it two hours later as it fell off of my coat. A few years ago to rectify this problem, I knitted myself a poppy on a secure brooch back, and now wear it in November making sure that I still […]

AUGUST MONTHLY PROJECT – Make Our Simple Summertime Bunting

Simple to make, great decoration for any party or occasion.
1.Select your background fabric and cut out your bunting pennant on the fold to produce a diamond shape.









2.Lay three strips of Hemming Web vertically onto the opened up pennant and lay your string or ribbon on top of it along where the fold will be.


3.Fold the […]