Project Description

There are so many things you can do with a Pom Pom!  Here are a few ideas.

  1. Hanging Ornament – Punch out three hearts in two different sizes from decorative paper. Attach the small hearts to the middle of the larger hearts and add a small embellishment. score and slightly bend the hearts down the middle. Apply glue to the backs and adhere together sandwiching a pompom on a string in the middle.
  2. Rabbit – Make 2 pompoms with one slightly larger than the other, attach together by passing one of the long strings used to tie the pom pom together through the other pom pom with the help of a long needle and secure. Wrap a small piece of felt around three strands of monofilament to form the nose and whiskers and attach to the rabbit with a strong glue. add a couple of self adhesive black pearls or beads for eyes and two pieces of felt for ears.
  3. Sheep – Make a sheep coloured pompom. with strong glue attach a black pom pom for the head and two pieces of black chenille stick folded into a u shape for the legs.
  4. Christmas Pudding – make a brown pompom. Cut out a wavy piece of brandy sauce coloured felt and thread it through the long string. Then cut out 3 holly shaped pieces of green felt and glue to the top and add three small red pompoms.
  5. Ice Cream Cone – make your pompom in the colour of your favourite icecream. Cut out the pointed support from the middle of an egg carton and paint cone colour. Stick the pompom into the ‘cone’. distress a small piece of  wood and colour browm then glue your ‘flake’ into the icecream cone.
  6. Multicoloured Keyring- Make a pompom out of variegated yarn ( we used Debbie Bliss Rialto Sock Yarn. Attach the keyring to the long thread and secure by tying a knot.
  7. Cupcake – Make your pompom. Make a smaller pom pom for the cherry on the top and secure by threading one of the long threads through the other pompom. Place in a cake or muffin case.
  8. Heart Ornament – make a number of small pompoms in colours of your choice. shape some firm wire into a heart shape and tie the pompoms to it. Attach a piece for hanging.
  9. Dangly Earrings – Make two matching pompoms. Attach a couple of split rings to the long string to allow them to dangle then attach the earring hook.
  10. Robin- Make a brown pompom but with approximately a third of one side of the pompom maker being wrapped in red. Attach two black adhesive pearls to small round pieces of white felt for the eyes and attach to the pompom. Attach a small black pompom for the beak. Make two wing and a tail out of brown felt and attach.
  11. Multiple Keyring – Make a series of pompoms in your chosen colours. Attach to a keyringwith coordinating thin ribbonspom-pom-maker-large