Project Description

Simple to make, great decoration for any party or occasion.

1.Select your background fabric and cut out your bunting pennant on the fold to produce a diamond shape.










2.Lay three strips of Hemming Web vertically onto the opened up pennant and lay your string or ribbon on top of it along where the fold will be.



3.Fold the pennant over the string or ribbon and iron to fix ( If using hessian use a pressing cloth between the iron and fabric).


4.Continue in this way adding as many pennants as you need with a small gap between them to allow them to drape.


5.If you wish to add wording, select your fabric and wording (either writing it freehand or printing off the computer).


6.Cut out your wording to use as a template.


7.Iron a strip of Bondaweb to the reverse of your chosen wording fabric.


8.Placing your wording templates wrong side facing onto the reverse of the bondawebbed fabric draw them onto the Bondaweb and then cut out.



9.Peel the paper layer off the back of the Bondaweb and iron the into place on the pennant.


Hey Presto quick easy bunting!